DeLon is no stranger to the stage. Starting off as a DJ at 12, he found his passion for music at a young age learning the skills of music production while MCing at gigs.

This kind of musical innovation, combining a hip-hop performance with a DJ set, allowed DeLon to start touring internationally, from South Asia to the UK. DeLon’s specialty was always in the underground hip-hop scene, though he began pushing the boundaries. He focused on meshing hip-hop with electronic and dubstep, resulting in up-tempo beats – different from any other MC and/or DJ.

Now marks the beginning of a new era for DeLon. After his release of Awake and his tour with Eric, DeLon has matured as an artist and is finding new ways to express himself in music. This fall DeLon will be planning his next U.S. Tour. DeLon is a musician, producer, businessman, innovator and creator.

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2016 marks the beginning of a new era for DeLon


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